LFG-A air curtain cabinet
  • LFG-A air curtain cabinet

LFG-A air curtain cabinet

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Product parameters (The sizes can be customized as requested)


1, With streamlined design, luxurious appearance, enlarged display space of preservation, more convenient in access.

2, refrigerator cabinet injected with polyurethane foam, with good insulation properties and high strength.

3, cabinet foot designed with movable wheels , more convenient to move and adjust;in occasions there is a deviation in height of ground level,the fixed column foot is adopted to adjust the height.  

4. Sides with double insulated glass, fog preventing and strong permeability, easy to demonstrate; for some products sides injected with polyurethane foam, good insulation properties, easy to clean and durable.

5, shelves and floor plates are made of stainless steel, corrosion-resistant, easy to clean; the height and angle are designed to be adjusted freely and flexibly by the customer's shopping habits and sensory requirements;

6, LED lights with full cold or warm lighting for  interior lighting , covering all the exhibition space with excellent showing results; and the pull-out night curtain makes night running more energy efficient.

7, The air duct is designed with a up and down and inner loop, the cold air is distributed even and does not leak, temperature inside the cabinet is stable; and with microcomputer thermostat, the temperature inside is more accurate.

8, all refrigeration and electrical components are famous quality accessories, durable and good effect; circuit which includes a compressor power delay function, to ensure the product of the normal operation and service life.

9. The standard configuration for built-in compressor is Bluesea or Danfoss compressors, external compressor are Sanyo, Bitzer and Copeland compressors, all products can be customized in style (L * W * H).

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