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R&D Department: Innovation is the brand’s motive power

   R&D strength is the important sign to measure the innovation capacity of a company, as well as the key element to judge if the products can adapt to the fierce competition in the market. To remain invincible for the products, the constant scientific research and development is the important guarantee. We have established cooperation relationship with foreign freezing electrical industries, and sent research staff for overseas study, and regularly exchange products and industry development information. 

Quality department: We pick and choose the best

   High quality is the core to achieve top brand. Standing by the position of our customers, we strictly inspect every link from the raw materials to the finished products, and make sure 100% qualified products during the process and finally send them to our customers. 

Market department: Integrate market strategy & Create outstanding achievements

    We constantly perfect our channels, and realize the simplicity and high efficiency in the sales network to increase the dealers’ benefits and make it convenient for customers to buy. We constantly strengthen high educated and high quality sales team, and with high density sales guidance and training, our sales power has been constantly improved, which ensured our professional degree and customer satisfaction. 

    After-sales department: Create best services, pursue customers’ satisfaction; Pursue warm-hearted and perfect services, and we know our customers’ demands and strive to surpass their expectations.1444736253755332.jpg


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