14XB air cooling island cabinet
  • 14XB air cooling island cabinet

14XB air cooling island cabinet

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1) The compressor brand we use is Embraco; Other refrigeration and electrical components are all famous brands which have long service life and good performance. The circuit is designed to have the function of power delay on the    compressor, thus ensuring the normal operation and the service life of the showcase; 

2) Air duct design are of up and down circulation and internal circulation, guaranteeing the uniform distribution of air conditioning; 2 layers’ panels are set at the air outlet position, to ensure rapid cooling and cold air would not    blow outside, therefore, the temperature inside the showcase is stabilized. Besides, the showcase is equipped with microcomputer thermostat, making cabinet’s temperature control more accurate;

3) The showcase with compressor built-in is mobile and convenient, and could be used immediately when powered with electricity; The showcase with compressor installed outside has smaller interior noise and good heat dissipation,    therefore, it’s more suitable for the operating environment of large spaces; 

4) The fresh meat cabinet’s interior lighting adopts warm light LED which covers all the exhibition spaces and has excellent showing effects. Moreover, it’s equipped with night curtain, making run time at night more energy saving

5) Internal layer board uses the food grade stainless steel which is hygiene, non-toxic, harmless, and could contact with food directly; Layer board’s surface treatment is of high precision mirror which is bright and tidy, and showing    effect is excellent 

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